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Beginning Figure Sculpting DVD

Learn How To Sculpt the Human Figure in Clay
Even if you are an experienced sculptor, this video will show you tips and techniques that are not used by sculptors anywhere else. Watch as Adam Reeder leads you through the steps of sculpting the human figure.

In This Video You Will Learn:

The 3 main masses of the body
The “rules of thumb” about proportions
The secrets of gesture (some you will not hear anywhere else)
Building the figure using anatomical masses
General, working knowledge of anatomy
Tools, supplies & resources
Common mistakes sculptors of all levels make
Simple and cheap armature construction
Trouble Shooting sculpting errors
Sculpting hands
Sculpting feet
Sculpting a head and general face
Sculpting all of the muscle groups
Surface treatment and texture
Refining a sculpture
How to handle clay
How to sculpt
How to sculpt fabric


Get your sculptures to look more realistic and lifelike than ever before. This DVD is perfect for character designers, computer modelers, or painters looking to get a better grasp on the human figure.

This nearly 2 hour instructional DVD is bursting with informations, tips and knowledge. You will learn new things every time you watch it.