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How To Sculpt The Head & Face in Clay

Learn to sculpt the human head and face in clay with this amazing step-by-step DVD.

“Adam sculpts in a way that I have never seen anyone else do. He uses completely different techniques than any other sculptor I’ve ever observed.”

Adam Reeder’s Portrait Sculpting DVD Includes:

2-Disc DVD that takes you through the whole sculpting process, step-by-step.

Full instruction on placement of the: nose, eyes, ears, mouth, lips, position of the head, cheekbones, hairline, forehead, chin, bone structure, muscles & more.

Adam’s DVD tutorial can help you:

Learn the secrets to mapping out a realistic human face, quickly.

Put facial features in the right place the first time, by learning to sculpt everything in the right order.

Learn the “rules of thumb” to getting your proportions right.

Learn to get proportions right the first time.

Make your faces more lifelike and realistic looking.

Learn what tools & supplies Adam recommends.

Learn what facial anatomy, every sculptor must know.

Learn what things sculptors commonly do that make their piece look “off”.

Learn how to correct your mistakes as you go.

4 hrs into the video

What’s Wrong With The Other Sculpting Methods Out There? Other methods of sculpting the human face & head teach you to sculpt features in the wrong order – This will lead you to proportion problems right from the start.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced sculptor, sculpting for fun or as a profession, this video will help you tremendously!

Unlike Other Sculpting Videos Out There…..Adam’s video doesn’t skip any steps! You can sculpt along with the video!

“It is amazing that these DVDs actually do teach a step by step method. Although many other art instruction DVDs advertise “step by step” instruction, this is the first one I’ve seen that delivers it. ” – S. Tashiro

Adam’s Unique Method Is Fast And Easy To Grasp