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The Best Types of Clay To Use When Sculpting The Human Figure

December 11th, 2012 - by admin Comments Off

best types of clay to use when sculpting the human figure

There are 2 main kinds of clay that I use when sculpting the human figure.  Here are some of the pros and cons of each:

Oil Based Clay – The benefit to this type of clay is that you don’t need to worry as much about it drying out too quickly.  You can take your time and work on it here and there.  It is also fairly easy to work with.  If you plan on creating a mold over your clay, this is the type of clay you want to use.  With oil based clays, you cannot fire your piece or get it to a permanent state.  The only way to preserve the shape is to actually create a rubber mold over the top of it.

Sculpture House Water Based, Self Hardening Clay – This type of clay is best for someone who would like to create a sculpture that eventually will harden to a point that it can even be painted.  This type of clay is easy to use and pliable.  It’s great for children’s classes and for those who are experimenting and learning.

This clay is not designed for creating a rubber mold over the top of it.  The downside to using this type of clay, is that it must stay wet while you are still in the sculpting process, which means that you need to keep a water spray bottle on hand and make sure it stays damp and covered, when you aren’t working on it, until you finish.

Both of these types of clay can be purchased at any major art supply store.  The sculpture house water based clay, though, is usually at art supply stores, but not Michael’s or many other craft supply stores.

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